A New Story

Humans live and learn moment to moment, in relationships with each other and the natural world on the Earth in interdependent and unpredictable ways. We are not disconnected from one another.

We have become disconnected from the land.
We must reconnect to understand deeply that everything we do “To” the land, water and plants have direct effects “Upon” the land we call Australia.  The animals, birds, reptiles and insects are all affected.

We need a Story that helps us take action to protect and take care of the land. We must tell this story to ourselves, our children, our children’s children and their children,

We can find a way to re-connect and develop the response-ability to care for and with the Earth and all other living beings. Together we can create systemic and radical change.

Heather Lawrence

I never intended to produce puppets!

See the long version Here

I was a lecturer in Education at the University of Melbourne.

I was concerned with the high levels of anxiety in young children and teachers who needed more training to “meet” these children in the way they needed.
The type of training needed was not available.

I came to believe that the training needed to “meet” the child and family and develop a capability could not be offered in ways that would make the systemic changes needed to support the children in ways that reflect their Human Rights.

The disconnects in systems we create affect our most vulnerable.
Education, Health, Economy, Technology, Business, Government, Politics, Family and more.

I left the University,
I chose to use  Secret Gully Puppets developed by Peter Harris  to work with Teachers.

I wear different hats.

Sometimes I am a puppeteer and storyteller
I run puppetry workshops.

Sometimes I am a Foresight Facilitator:
My intention is to help us all to reconnect with the natural world and with one another…

  • I facilitate learning spaces for Teachers, Aged Care Staff, Special Education Professionals, Environmental and Science Educators, Psychologists and Social Workers.
  • I want to develop a Business that contributes to a world that is fair and just.
  • I believe Business has an important role to play.
  • I speak at Conferences and Expos and at every event I attend about this bigger work.

In this time…we must work with others to give a voice to the natural world.

We must Transform Social Systems in Education, Health, and Business to stimulate and enable creative life serving vitality.

I observed that the puppets, used in a quiet, slow and connecting way, helped children with challenging behaviours, anxious children and others with additional needs to stay present and relaxed when I used them..

I believed that educators and health Professionals could develop empathic connections with children without any verbal encouragement when the puppet was used and that the puppets had a powerful affect on behaviour.

This happened in Aged Care with Elders who were frustrated or anxious.

I also saw that the puppets could be used to tell stories that helped children and elders connect and reconnect with the natural world through story telling.

I saw that Teacher had this experience too!

The teachers loved the puppets. The Puppets helped the children
I took over the manufacture.

I took the puppets to markets to begin to talk with people about the disconnects between ourselves and the natural world.

I chose to go back to study and completed a Masters in Strategic Foresight.

I deepened my understanding of the relationships between systems that were not serving human beings or the natural world.

Changes are needed across all systems.
I began to share my thoughts with people…

The puppets helped…I took them to local markets and conferences and large expos and festivals.

I needed somewhere, other than my home to keep the puppets.

I moved into a shipping container/shop at The Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.

Over these years I have continued to use the puppets to talk about systemic disconnections and the effects on Education and children and families, Health and human beings, Business and profit, Development, Progress and destruction and Loss of Habitat.

The effects of human choices on our planet and all who live here.

I continue to do this work.  See here for more.

“Can we find a way to re-connect and develop the response-ability to care for and with the Earth and all other living beings?”

Our thoughts are like seeds for all of our future on this earth.
If we can create thoughts that are alive with love, compassion, imagination and creativity.
If we can do it together, a seed for the world will be planted.
This seed can grow a new reality.
Thoughts are like seeds for all of our future.

How can we think about what is essential in this life we have been given in ways that create systemic and radical change through imagination and love?

My Big Intention

 I love being a mother, grandmother, daughter and sister, cousin and friend and colleague.

I love being in relationship… it’s messy and complex. I try and fail sometimes to avoid reactivity.
Life wants to live in harmony inside us and in the natural world of all other beings.

The world needs Human Beings who are willing to strive to stay Open Minded with Open Hearts.

My Big Intention is to contribute and collaborate with others to a Sustainable and Socially Just World with Compassion and Love. 

To do this we must be both critically reflective and Creative in our thinking, and acting
I believe puppets can help in this work.
I hope that these three Websites can illustrate some helpful ways to Think and Reflect,  Feel and Sense, Act out of the inspiration and Wisdom we all hold to help create this vision of the world.
To learn to listen and meet the world in the way it years to be heard.

I cannot change the way the world is
But by opening to the world as it is
I may discover that gentleness, decency and bravery
are available to not only me,
but to all human beings.

Chögyam Trungpa.

I love people and the land and all living creatures on it.
I love thinking and dialoguing with others for a better world.
I love puppets. especially our puppets.
I love music and art. especially all the people I know and love who make music and art.
I developed this Social Impact Business to do that work.
I want it to be a living example of a systems approach to ways that Business can contribute to a socially just and sustainable living earth for everyone on this planet.

My intention is to facilitate wide and deep awareness of life’s longing for life.
I want to have and make fun while I do that…
If you would like to smile right now… at my expense..take a look at this video…
You wont find it on Youtube for obvious reasons…

Life is a hard battle in (some ways). Anyway,
If we laugh and sing a little
As if we fight the good fight of freedom
It makes it all go easier
I will not allow my life’s light to be determined by darkness around me

Sojourner Truth