The seed of Endangered Animals Australia was planted many years ago.
I became increasingly aware of the tragedy of our precious Australian Animals, marsupials, mammals,
birds, reptiles and more.  I was also aware of the increased anxiety and stress children exhibited in their behaviours. I wanted to find ways to support Teachers in the complex work of meeting children in increasingly complex times.
I was also inspired to find ways for children and adults to fall in love with the natural world all over again.
I was especially aware of the need to help teachers find ways to reconnect with the natural world themselves and use their own creative capacities to be with the children in empathic and compassionate ways.

I see this work as connected to the term “Urgent Biophilia” coined by Keith Tidball, Cornell University building on the term of Biophillia (first described in 1984 by American ecologist E. O. Wilson)

“The innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world”.

My question was
How can we feel love for and want to protect the animals if we have become disconnected, desensitised to the lives of our animals and the wider natural world.

I wanted to find ways to help teachers learn about and inspire children to want to protect the animals through their natural love for them.
The seed was planted and germinated through my work with Peter and Judy Harris’s wonderful Secret Gully Puppets.

The first time I used one of these puppets and demonstrated with family and friends I realised their power.
This inspired me to do more.
The seed grew from the inspiration I received from Peter and Judy Harris and their tender and fun, songs, stories and film of Secret Gully and the puppets that arose through their work.

Here at Endangered Animals Australia I am linking the wonderful inspirations you can find on
with my own work of the complexity of wider a systems awareness that can contribute to the reconnection with:
One Another
Our Selves
all Living Beings on planet Earth.

See below some photos of the history of Secret Gully

Check to find photos and the history of Secret Gully.