There are many kinds of puppets. Hand puppets, finger puppets, body puppets. There are also puppets moved beyond the body of the puppeteer. These puppets use strings or rods to operate. Eg marionettes, and shadow puppets.

Our Puppets are a unique design of a full-bodied puppet, carefully shaped and sculptured to move in ways that create an illusion that they are alive in the arms of the puppeteer.
Puppetry is a dramatic art that requires the “puppeteer” to hold “an awareness” for what he/she is doing with the puppet. To move the puppet with the intention to connect with the audience.
When our puppets are held and manipulated with an awareness of reverence and love for the animal they can be “brought to life” for pleasure and connection with an audience.
importantly, we believe they can contribute to curiosity and reconnection with the natural world.

Puppets and Elders
Our puppets are used successfully with elders who are both cognitively active and those who suffer from impaired cognition.
We have demonstrated that anxiety levels can be quickly achieved when our puppets are used by a trained and caring staff in aged care settings or at home with loving family members.

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Puppets and children

Babies and young children live between two worlds of what is seen heard and experienced in the real world, and one that is a magical, mystical place.

This is a fragile understanding of the difference between what is real and what is not. Slowly through manipulation and experimentation in loving supportive environments babies and young children discover how to trust and explore the world with confidence.

All this happens along with learning to walk, speak and begin to think in the first 7 years. This wonderful development contributes to the young child’s growing intellectual skills and becomes a foundation for both emotional and social resilience and harmony in the world.
All of this foundational learning is supported by the relationships they build with the natural world, good nutrition and a predictable, rhythmic daily life with significant others in their lives.

Life for all children includes the stress and pressure of life that surrounds them.

Many children spend more time inside than ever before along with increased screen time and disconnection from others and the natural world.

We believe our puppets can help ameliorate this stress and reconnect children with the natural world.

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Using the Puppets with Children

When our puppets are used in sensitive ways they can play a valuable role in helping children to feel calm and peaceful.

For very young children the experience of a “real” animal in the hand of a loving adult offers opportunities for imagination and joy as thy caress and connect with the animal.

A wonderful observation with children from around the age of 4years-6 years is the question that arises, “Is it really real”.

The most important thing at this time is to meet the child’s question with reverence for the innocence of the question.

This question often means both, I want to know and I don’t.

When we work with the puppets with respect and reverence for the development of the child, we can ask a question in return.

”What do you think?”

In this way we allow the child to determine what they believe and what they want the puppet to be.

When a child is seen and respected for who they are and where their thinking is at, they are very happy with their own answer.

Around 5-6years, children will search for the answer.

If they are given the space and time for their own pondering and exploration,

(sometimes searching for the hand of the puppeteer) they come to a place of joy to discover, either it is or isn’t alive!

Children love the game, love to discover their own answer.,

and as soon as they “discover” the “truth”, they are eager to learn the puppetry tricks!

We have lots of stories to tell that can be a resource for Teachers, families and children.

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