Echidna’s are monotremes. Along with the Platypus they are one of two Egg laying mammals found all over Australia. Echidnas mainly live in forests, bushland and grasslands.  Echidna’s can be seen out during mild weather.
When it is extremely hot or cold an echidna will take shelter under rocks or bury themselves.

Sometimes they can be seen swimming in rivers and paddling in pools to cool down on very hit days.  Echidna’s diet mainly consists of ants and bugs in and under timber and rocks on the ground.

Echidnas possess is powerful paws. These paws enable them to run, walk and climb.
This allows to escape animals that may harm the echidna. They can dig for food and burrow themselves with their powerful claws and also rip apart rotted wood for ants and small bugs to survive on.



Echidnas like others suffer from loss of their habitat.

More houses and roads being built mean risks for echidnas from increasing traffic into bush areas. They are also under threat with bush fires that wipe out populations in the affected area.
Additionally foxes, dingoes, and feral dogs and cats also live in these kind of environments and pose high risk to echidnas especially the young which have little defence.



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General information about our animals

All our Puppets and toys are hand made from materials made in an environmentally sustainable.
All runoff from dyes used is contained and disposed of in an ecologically safe way.   All materials are fire-resistant and have been tested under a flame.

All patterns are drawn by hand first and then shaped into the three-dimensional shape that is meticulously worked with by producing many samples until the spirit of the animal is revealed and comes to life when it is used. (by the puppeteer!)
We deliberately use old methods of cutting the material by a small hand machine then sewn by hand and on machines both in Nanjing and In Melbourne.
This is achieved by a small group of women.

( see our History to see the development of Secret Gully puppets and Endangered Animals Australia)



 Whilst we are not perfect yet…

All our animals can be cared for with ease to break the cycle of buy and throw-away world of consumerism

We believe that children can and must learn to take care of their material world.

Learning to care for our animals will encourage them to take care of their surroundings at home and in the wider world.

All our animals can be:

  • Washed by hand or gentle machine wash…( in cold water only)
  • Successfully Brushed and combed to bring them back to life…
  • Repaired with a simple needle and cotton.

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