We are living in a time where systemic and radical changes are upon us.
The effects of these changes will have wide and deep effects across the world.
Covid-19 has had a profound impact on human beings and the environment across the planet.
We will continue to face the constant changes to our climate, and inequities in the ecosystem including the loss of habitat for all living beings.
The disconnections between people and the planet are felt and continue to increase stress in our own lives.

This network of resources:

is offered here  as an attempt to:

1. SHINE a light on the plight of our most unique and precious animals in Australia.

2. INTENTIONALLY help make visible the systemic and structural issues that permit us to continue to destroy our home, our planet including the natural world.

3. RE-CONNECT us to the natural world that so desperately needs us to believe in a NEW STORY and create alternative ways forward to save them.

4. SHARE ways to bring joy through stories and puppetry, bringing happiness to our families, educational settings with Elders and Healthcare settings.

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On the day after the Black Saturday Fires, (in 2009, Victoria,)  that came too close for comfort, I found this ringtail possum lying on its back near my front door.
I thought she had died in the heat.  When I bent down I could see her breathing heavily.  I realised she was alive and needed water desperately.

I found the hose and put it gently to her mouth and she began to drink.  After some time I found a bowl and filled it… and she sat up and came to drink from the bowl…
I quickly found my phone to film her as she drank and drank and drank.

Then a most wonderful thing that I could not film. After some many minutes of drinking… she walked around the bowl, ran across my feet and scampered up the driveway of my home. I sensed her relief and her wish to connect. 

I made a choice that day to do everything I can for the rest of my life to help her and all our precious animals, live the lives they are meant to live, in freedom, in health, in their homes on this planet.


We invite you to watch and listen.

The If Song (Video 1)

The IF song.. written by Peter Harris and loved by children and families everywhere.
This song invites us to reconnect with the animals by accepting their invitation to take the journey of imagination together.
We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about how the children feel when they hear this song.
What’s the message from the Animals?

Learn the words Here.. and sing it to your child or children!

Carers for Everything (Video 2)

Noel Nannup.  “A Nyoongar perspective on Spirituality”. 
Uncle Noel shares powerful knowledge,   A“NEW STORY” that has always existed.
This Story Belongs to all Indigenous People. 

Once we all knew this story as a fact…
Most of us are disconnected from our own Indigenous roots.  
Is this a place to start?   To reconnect with our old,  but NEW STORY again? 
Click here for more about this…  

Empathy in Action (Video 3)

The final video illustrates the love and affection that children have for our animals and the power of puppets to help us feel peace love and joy.

Could the imagination of a new story be a possibility in our youngest?

Could feelings of love and empathy connect children to a New Story?

Our Beautiful Hand Made Puppets

All our puppets and toys are hand- made and environmentally sustainable. The lining made from 100% organic cotton. We use the very best quality Faux Fur and we work together with our manufacturer to meet the highest standards in environmentally sustainable practices in the fabrication of our animals. All dye runoff is contained and disposed of in an ecologically safe way.

We use a base in the dye that does not contain Azo formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Through tested processes, the material meets European Environmental Standards to maximize the removal of hazardous substances in wastewater to harmless levels, before discharging. All our patterns are hand-drawn then shaped into the three-dimensional shape that’s meticulously worked by producing many samples until the spirit of the animal is revealed. This enables the animal to come to life when it’s used. (By the Puppeteer!).

We use old methods, cutting the materials with a small hand machine. Each puppet is then handcrafted, stuffed and sewn together. This is achieved by a small group of women in Nanjing and Melbourne.